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Student Benefits


P.O. BOX 1645-CISCO, TEXAS 76437





TO:  All Principals, Nurses, Secretaries, Athletic Directors, Parents

SUBJECT:  Student Accident Insurance- To Do

DATE:  August 2017


The Cisco ISD provides accident insurance coverage for all students enrolled.  This coverage is for accidents occurring at school or at school approved UIL events. 

If a child has an accident while at school or attending any school approved UIL event, please adhere to the following procedures:


  1. Provide parents with a claim form from the campus secretary or coaches office or parents may obtain from school website.
  2. Make sure the form is signed by a coach or teacher or supervisor, etc.
  3. Make at least 10 copies so that parent can leave one with each doctor or

service provider.  Be sure to keep one for your records and copy central office.


Please remind the parent that this coverage is secondary to any other coverage the parent may have.  It will pay only when personal insurance has paid.  Enclosed is a list of the coverage provided.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to understand the limits of the policy and follow the above procedures.


Parents can purchase additional insurance from this company by inquiring at the campus office or information is available on our website.