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Science and Math Help

There are wonderful sites to help you improve your skills and understanding of science and math...and have fun! Check these out!


*Hall of Science has games, experiments, and fun challenges (elementary)

*Illuminations has math games (early elementary)

*Flashcards help you with all functions of math and has multiple levels (elementary)

**Math games and help to understand math in a different way (elementary and junior high)

**Study Jams has videos, interactive games and quizzes to help you master topics in both science and math (elementary and early junior high)

***Neo has games, videos, lessons and learning help for a wide variety of science and math topics (all students)

**Kinetic City has awesome science interactives and games (elementary and junior high)

*Learning Science has simple games to lay the foundation of learning for young students (elementary)

***Chemistry distance learning has 3D, interactive models of molecules to assist older students with fundamental principles of chemistry (high school)

**Simple games to teach about weather, electricity, physics, volcanoes, etc. (upper elementary and junior high)

*Shedd Aquarium walks students through the creation of a "movie" about underwater life; create your own story, set it to music, guide the "actors" and share it with others! (upper elementary)

*The Shedd Aquarium provides simple games for young students to learn about life under the sea (early elementary)

***This interactive periodic table will help students learn about the elements and the fundamental science tool that is the periodic table (upper junior high and high school)





** Please notify the Library staff, if there are any broken links.