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Per Texas Adminstrative Code (TAC) §102.1313(a):

  • A DOI plan may be renewed at any time during the term of the plan..
  • A district may only have one innovation plan at any given time (19 TAC §102.1311). As such, a renewed plan takes effect only after the term of the district’s current innovation plan expires. In the instance that the district intends for the term of a renewed plan to begin prior to the expiration of its current plan, the renewed plan supersedes the district’s current plan at that time and the current plan is considered void.
  • The district must repeat the adoption process outlined in 19 TAC §102.1207
  • The term of the DOI plan may be extended for up to an additional 5 years during renewal.

Cisco ISD will begin the renewal process of its DOI plan in the Spring of 2022.