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Chesley Field Regulations

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Chesley Field Stadium Regulations

Dressing Rooms:
• Separate dressing rooms that include bathroom, showers, and space for training needs are available for visiting and home teams. • Electrolyte drinks are allowed in the dressing rooms and must be provided by each individual school. • Towels are not provided. • CISD is not responsible for any articles left in dressing rooms. • Visiting teams to CISD Chesley Field will be held responsible for negligent damages to dressing rooms.

Playing Field:
• Special Events: If applicable, sideline passes will be given to the head coach or his designee when the team arrives at the stadium or before. • Teams may have only water on the sidelines- No electrolyte drinks are allowed. • Absolutely no glass bottles, cans, or food is allowed on the sideline.  This includes cheerleaders and support groups. • Absolutely no sunflower seeds. • All equipment such as training tables, fans, heaters, etc. must have a protective base under them – make arrangements with CISD/Cisco College Athletic Directors for special requests. Heaters must be on a wooden platform. • Absolutely no confetti. • Band props/equipment must not scar the field. Sharp wheels and/or edges on equipment are prohibited. • Spectators are not allowed on the playing field before or during games. • Blow up helmets, mascots, or tunnels may be allowed on the playing field, but must be cleared with the CISD Administrator-in-Charge. • Victory bells are not allowed on the playing surface. The placing of these items in off-field positions must have the approval of the CISD/Cisco College Athletic Directors. • Compressed air horns are not allowed in any part of the stadium. • Visiting teams to CISD Chesley Field will be held responsible for negligent damages to the playing field.

• Absolutely no climbing or jumping over the rails from bleachers to field. • Permanent paint must be used on all paper/vinyl signs that will not run when wet.  All signs must be made to tie onto the restraining fence around the playing surface – no tape can be used to hang signs.  If signs are allowed and hung it is the responsibility of the school doing so to remove them after the event. • Play-off Games/Special Events:  There are no in and out privileges to Chesley Field. Once guests have entered the stadium premises they are not allowed to leave without paying to re-enter. • No cooking on CISD school property or adjacent property is permitted, and no outside food or drinks are permitted inside Chesley Field. o Playoff Games Only: Tailgating and/or cooking is permitted up to 30 minutes before the agreed upon game time with prior approval. • Visiting teams to CISD Chesley Field will be held responsible for negligent damages to the assigned bleachers.

Press Box:
• Admittance to the home press box is by PASS ONLY. Admittance to the visitor press box is left to the management of the visiting school district. Special Events: School personnel – a list will be sent to each school with the number of seats that will be available in the press box. Names must be filled in and the list returned to the CISD Event Coordinator. • The various press boxes will be open 1 ½ hours before game time. • Visiting teams to CISD Chesley Field will be held responsible for negligent damages to the assigned press box.